Edmonds LTD

In the 1870's Thomas John Edmonds and his wife Jane had a small grocery store in Linwood, Christchurch where Thomas learned from his customers of their dissatisfaction with the unreliable baking powder products they were able to purchase at the time.

In response to their comments he began making his own baking powder. His first batch of 200 tins went on sale in 1879. One customer reputedly questioned the superiority of the product over the one she was currently using.

Edmonds is said to have replied "It is sure to rise Madam" and so the famous Edmonds promise was born. From this comment the iconic rising sun logo and Sure to Rise trademark were developed, both of which still appear on Edmonds Baking Powder today. By 1912 one million tins had been sold.

When the Edmonds company turned 50 in 1929 Thomas Edmonds generously gifted the city of Christchurch with a clock tower and band rotunda.

Today the Edmonds range of products has grown to include not only baking ingredients but flour, cake mixes, pastry, mayonnaises and salad dressings and the Edmonds brand still stands for Kiwi home-style cooking and baking.


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