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Are you looking for something patriotic for your car? Kiwi Shop has a range of car accessories. Let everyone around know… I’m from NZ!

Car Sticker Application Instructions:
Stickers are intended to be applied to the outside of windows or on hard flat surfaces.
1. Clean then dry the surface you are applying to.
2. Sticker has a paper card back and a transparent paper front;
Starting in a corner, separate the front from the back, the sticker is to pull off with the front transparent paper. If it is sticking to the paper card backing use your fingertips to push it back onto the transparent paper front.
3. Separate completely from the paper card back (throw this piece away).
4. Apply sticking to the surface by starting at left hand side of the sticker. Let it fall slowly towards the right (you can use a ruler or flat utensil to push down as you go).
5. Once stuck completely on the surface, with the transparent paper top still on the sticker, use your fingertips to push over the outlining of the sticker, pushing out any air bubbles.
6. Slowly start to pull the transparent paper off the applied sticker.